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Narrow Lot Homes
If your block is less than 10 metres wide and you’ve spent any amount of time looking for home designs that will fit, you’ll understand that there aren’t a lot of options.

The majority of builders – especially the big name builders – just don’t accommodate narrow lot designs. When we say “narrow lot”, we’re talking about land that is 10 to 11 metres wide, or less.

Narrow lots are common in city area and as the years roll on, this is becoming more and more the case.

Why is this?

Supply and demand is the short answer. As cities become more populated the price of land increases and so land prices rise to a premium.

Going back a few decades, it was popular to cut up land in sizes of 20 metres wide x 40 metres long (or about 800m2 in total size).

Now that land is becoming more scarce in the major cities, home owners and investors are realising they can cut their land in half and make a tidy profit.

Building on narrow lots does present additional issues for the builder, which is why project home builders aren’t usually interested in taking them on. (Let’s face it, the big name builders really want the easy pickings of a standard home, on a standard block.)

Narrow Lot Home
Narrow Lot Home

If you’re spending countless weekends trawling through display homes and display villages, then you’ll quickly realise that most of the big name builders don’t cater for narrow lots.Custom Home Designs' enthusiasm, and fresh take on the design, helped us build this beautiful new house on a very difficult and steep block which no-one else wanted to touch. ~ Tony and Lorena, Elanora, Gold Coast

A narrow lot home designed for Tarragindi in Queensland
A narrow lot home designed for Tarragindi in Queensland

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