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Project Home Builders

Project home builders represent the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to building a home. It’s a popular way of building a home, but has its drawbacks.

Project home builders offer you a limited set of pre-designed home plans to choose from. This means that you’re stuck to the range of plans they offer. If you don’t like their range of plans…you’ll need to go elsewhere.

Project home builders work on the business model of high volume turnover, almost like a factory production line. They simply build the same designs over and over but with slightly different colours or external materials.

Having built 4 homes over the last 14 years and always building modified project homes I will never look back... ~ Peter and Petra

Everyone building a home with a project home builder wants to think that their home is unique and special. (Indeed, the salesperson will help convince them of that!)

The reality is, it will be just like hundreds if not thousands of other people’s homes.

The advantage of a project home builder is that because they build more homes, they can negotiate better buy prices for their materials and trades people. These savings are then (generally) passed onto you.

For example, a project home builder that builds 1,000 homes a year can get a better price on bricks, timber and concrete than a custom home builder that builds 100 homes a year. The project home builder simply gets a bigger discount because they’re buying in bulk.

It all sounds good, right? Well, the catch is that project home builders have limited designs and can’t cater to every type and shape of block. Usually, project home builders create designs for only the most flat, rectangular blocks.

If you have a block that slopes, is an awkward shape or is just generally difficult to build on, chances are you wont find a home design from a project home builder that suits it.

“But I can just change the plan, right?”. Unfortunately, no. Project home builders don’t want you to make changes to their plans because they’re not geared up to provide this service.

For example, most salespeople for project home builder’s are not trained drafts people or home designers – they’re salespeople. If you want to modify home plans, they either don’t know how to or don’t want to. (Note: If they don’t want to, it’s usually related to the commission structure they’re on.)

From the moment we met the Custom Home Designs team we felt at ease. Their honest, open, professional yet personal approach to home design consulting made me personally feel very comfortable and confident about the process of ‘Design and build’ construction which was new to me. ~ Peter and Petra

If you have a flat, rectangular block, don’t want/need a unique home design and want the cheapest price, then a project home builder will be the best choice for you.

However, if you want a home designed for a particular block to take advantage of views, aspect, slope, shape or unique design, then a custom designed home is definitely the best choice for you.

If you’d like to view a comparison table between project home builders vs custom home builders and see the pros and cons of each, click here.

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