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Split Level Home Design

If you’re considering buying a sloping block of land or already have a sloping block, then you’ll need a split level home design.

Custom Home Designs specializes in creating beautiful split level home designs.

To see why we’re the best choice for split level homes, we also suggest you look at our Points of Difference.
split level home design
What is a ‘split level home design’ anyway?
When we say “split level home design”, we’re talking about land that is anything from 2.5 metres to 11 metres (or more) of fall and requires multiple levels to build on.

Why do I need a split level home design?
There are a few reasons why a split level home design may be needed:

  • Your block of land has more than 2 to 3 metres of cross-fall (front-to-back, left-to-right, or a combination of the two)
  • The land developer requires a split level home design to conform to the estate’s land covenant requirements.
  • The local council requires a split level home design as part of its building and/or development code.
  • You want a split level home design to maximise views, breeze, solar orientation or just visually create more depth and character to your home.
  • You want to avoid unnecessary cut and fill to the site not only to maintain the natural slope but to avoid potential water run off and/or flooding issues and of course the potentially exorbitant costs associated with cutting the site, removing soil and/or building unsightly retaining walls on the site.


Why is it so hard to find split level home designs?

The majority of builders – especially project home builders – just don’t accommodate split level home designs. They offer only pre-designed plans for flat, or nearly flat, blocks.

Split level home designs have more factors to consider in the design than a standard home. Because of this, most split level home designs turn into a custom designed home.

If you’ve spent any amount of time looking for split level home designs, you’ll be able to identify with this. We appreciate your frustration and difficulty in finding someone to work with.

Custom Home Designs specialize in split level home designs and turning your dream into reality. Call us now if you’d like to speak with someone about building a split level home design and how we can help you.

I would recommend Custom Home Designs to anyone considering building, especially those building on sloping blocks or anyone who wishes to build a home that is unique, environmentally friendly and that stamps your own individual personality throughout. ~ Peter and Petra

What are the additional factors to be aware of with split level home designs?

Split level home designs generally require a more considered and purposeful design to maximise the block’s features.

Split Level Home

Split level home designs need to take into consideration things like:

  • The angle of slope on the block.
  • How consistent the slope is across the block.
  • Where the slope starts and stops on the block in relation to where the house is going.
  • Whether there is more than one gradient of slope on the block (e.g. slopes a little at the front and then steep at the back).
  • How to minimise the amount of cut-and-fill if building with a concrete slab-on-ground design.
  • What views or aspects you want to take advantage of.
  • The block’s position in relation to the sun to maximise the cool in summer and heat in winter.
  • The direction of open windows and doors to maximise natural winds through the seasons.
  • Driveway gradients to satisfy local council building regulations.
  • Maximising natural light to avoid mould build-up and dingy, dark areas of the home.
  • Drainage requirements for water flow during heavy downpours and/or floods.
  • Being aware of maximum building heights for any land covenants or building height restrictions placed by local council.
  • Considering shadowing over pool areas and entertainment areas.
  • Retaining wall heights and influence on existing neighbours and future neighbours if you’re building next to an empty block.
  • Structural requirements of retaining walls to satisfy local council building regulations.
  • Designing for privacy and screening both for yourself and your neighbour.
  • Considering how your new home overlooks any existing neighbour’s properties.
  • Where the house is actually being positioned, in relation to all the above elements.

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All these things need to be thought about, planned and built into your split level home design.

Home designers and builders not experienced with sloping blocks will be blissfully unaware of these things – this means you end up with a bad design.

split level home design
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