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At last! Someone who DESIGNS beautiful custom homes and renovations including  sloping house block designs, narrow and awkward shaped blocks…anywhere in Victoria and New South Wales…where you deal with only one person throughout the whole process…and you aren’t charged like a wounded bull.


If You’re Tired of Trekking Through Display Homes, Catalogues And Countless Web Sites…

…And You’ve Already Bought Your Dream Block Of Land But Are Almost Ready To Give Up…

…And You Just Want To Deal With Someone That Knows What They’re Talking About And Doesn’t BS You…

…This Might Be The Best 7 Minutes You’ve Spent All Year.

Custom Home Designs can create and build beautiful sloping house block designs and renovations on narrow and for that matter any awkward shaped blocks anywhere in VIC, NSW

sloping house block designs

From: Leanne Irvine – Home Designer and Project Manager

Dear Land Owner

Let me get right to the point.

If you need someone to design and build a custom home…or you have a difficult block of land to build on, I’ve got some good news for you.

If you’ve spent any sort of time investigating building a brand spanking new home…even if it’s your first home…you’ll know that it’s no simple feat trying to find a pre-designed home that fits your block…especially if it’s a sloping block, narrow lot, or awkward shape.

...we were on the verge of selling the block and forgetting about our vision for a new home. But after just one meeting with Custom Home Designs we knew we had found the right team to help us achieve our dream. ~ Tony and Lorena, Elanora, Gold Coast

Unbelievably, Devastating, Horror Stories

Let me guess…is this what you’re finding with most builders…especially the “big name” project builders? They…

  • Don’t build on sloping, narrow or awkward blocks…even what you consider flat, wide and easy
  • Don’t have plans that fit your block of land…even though you’ve fallen in love with their design
  • Don’t allow you to fully customise your home to suit how YOU live…they just push their plans on you
  • Don’t let you freely visit the site during construction…in fact, they tell you to get off even though it‘s your land!
  • Don’t have a single contact person throughout the whole process…you get passed around like a hot potato
  • Don’t let you make changes during construction…in fact they aggressively avoid it
  • Charge like a wounded-bull if you do make changes, some builders even charge PER change
  • And once you sign your contract, the level of customer service goes downhill faster than a Thredbo downhill snow-ski run

If this is your experience, then sit back, relax and yell out to your partner, “Honey, it’s going to be all OK!

“I’m Ready To Give Up And Sell My Land!”

If right now you’re thinking, “How on earth am I gonna build what I want on this block?”, I can help.

My name’s Leanne Irvine – but you won’t have heard of me.

I’ve been quietly designing and building gorgeous, custom homes for clients for nearly two decades.

I’ve built homes on the side of a hill, homes on ridiculously narrow land, flamboyant palaces and modest homes for regular Aussies. Regular Aussies like Kerrin and Todd…

Building a home was a new experience for us and Custom Home Designs made the process easy and fun.

But you know what?

I Haven’t Got A Clue What Sort Of Land You Have, But I Know I Can Build On It

Even if you have sloping land that has 3, 7 or even 11 metres of cross fall

…or you have a 10 metre wide block of land and it needs to comply with things like the Small Lot Code, Character Code, Demolition Control Precinct Code and Thinga-Me-Doo-Dad Code…

…or you’re doing a demolition and rebuild in inner Melbourne or Sydney and scratching your head on where to start…

…I can advise, design and build for you – with bells on.


If You Live Overseas Or Live At WorkNo Problem

If you live in your workplace or live in the UK, South Africa, Asia, Saudi Arabia, India, New Zealand…in fact anywhere on the planet, you can design and build a home with me.

Here’s a small snippet of some clever clients building with me:

  • An Indian Doctor
  • An engineer from the UK
  • A South African technician
  • An electrical engineer who lives in China
  • A Chinese owner of a chain of fruit and veg stores
  • The CEO of a major tea company
  • An Australian head nurse
  • A computer systems analyst
  • The list goes on…

But know this…

It’s Not Hard!

Look, building a new home is really very simple

  1. Know what you can afford.
  2. Choose a block that you like.
  3. Design a home.
  4. Build it.
  5. Move in.

Simple, huh?

So Why Don’t The “Big Name” Builders Build On Sloping, Narrow And Awkward Land?

The short answer is: Because it’s more lucrative to punch out hundreds of the same “dolls houses” than it is to craft a home that’s lovingly designed for your family, lifestyle and budget.

Let me explain…

Project builders are in fact a cleverly disguised production line that produce rubber stamped homes, treat you like a commodity and are always trying to minimise any customisation you might want.

That’s right, you get a lovely home that looks just like 400 other people’s homes.

And let me tell you, you’d be shocked to find out how many times the same homes are built directly opposite each other in the same street!

Ladies, that’s like to going to a charity ball and seeing someone else with the same dress on!

“But The Big Builders Have Such Great Promotions…”

The fact is, big name project builders do offer great value for money…providing you take only what they offer, with no changes and you’re building on an easy block of land.

But as soon as you want to start customising anything, like make the bedrooms a bit bigger…change the layout of the kitchen…create an extra powder room…or you want to build on anything but a flat and rectangular shaped block of land…

Then comes the shock…you start becoming a financial body-bag.

You pay per variation, you pay per set of variations, you pay to delete things, you pay to add things. Get the idea?

Having built 4 homes over the last 14 years and always building modified project homes I will never look back...

And Custom Homes Are Expensive, Right?

Wait up a second!

Do you mean “architect designed” or “custom designed”?

‘Cause there’s a vast difference.


Architect designed homes require a private Swiss bank account to fund the $20,000, $30,000 or even $50,000 up front costs just to get some sort of design.

Then the fun starts…

…because you’ve barely scratched the surface.

You’ll now spend the next two to six months in the trenches pleading builders to give you a quote – hoping to hit the jackpot all the while living in white-knuckling fear of what it might cost.

Then comes the s-h-o-c-k.

Ignore This At Your Peril!

Don’t make a horrible mistake!

I’m probably the wrong person to build with if you can’t say “yes” to all the following questions:

  • Do you have a sloping, narrow or awkward shaped block?
  • Do you want more than a square-box with four walls?
  • Do you want something more than a “cookie-cut” floor plan?
  • Do you want to fully customise and personalise your home?
  • Do you have a budget of more than $400,000, excluding your land?

If you answered “Yes!” to all these questions, now comes the good part…

sloping house block designs

Why My Clients Think Their Homes Are “Not Too Shabby”

Of course, I could tell you about all the great things I do, the ethics I stand for and the approach I take, but I’ll let a few of my less-than-small-number of happy clients do that for you…

...ideas saved us thousands up front and will, without a doubt add value to the price of our home if we ever decide to sell... ~ Collin and Kim

Custom Home Designs' enthusiasm, and fresh take on the design, helped us build this beautiful new house on a very difficult and steep block which no-one else wanted to touch. ~ Tony and Lorena, Elanora, Gold Coast

With a refreshing honesty not tainted by the usual sales hyperbole, Custom Home Designs is happy to candidly discuss the facts as they see them without compromising the unique requirements of each client. ~ Craig and Amanda

...we had a jumble of ideas of what we wanted in a house,..we were worried that building on anything other than a flat block would be a nightmare. ...after seeing some of Custom Home Designs' ideas, we saw all the possibilities offered by a sloping block to create the modern look we were after. ~ Colin and Kim

Here’s What I’ll Do For You

Provide an honest upfront appraisal of any land you may be considering, even if you haven’t deposited on the land yet…avoid the gut-wrenching agony and don’t get caught out with a dud.

Meet you on your land so you can interrogate me with all the “beginner-breaking” difficult questions and gauge if I’ve got any talent…most salespeople don’t even get out of their chairs to say “Hello” in display villages, let alone meet you on-site!

Provide a solution to build on any block of land – no matter how steep, how narrow or how awkward.

Provide a single point of contact for you all the way through the building process, from start to finish…get heard every time because you’re not passed around like a hot potato like other builders.

Treat you with respect, not talk down to you because you’re a woman, or you’re not a “tradie”, or BS you just to get the sale or make more commission – what a welcome relief!

Design a stunning, custom home tailored to your lifestyle, your family and your land…not a cookie-cut plan intended for mass production.

Provide a real contract price, not a fake “tender”, “draft contract” or “preliminary contract” price that changes when the final contract is produced and causes you to shake with fear.

Save you time – no longer do you have to trek around display villages wasting dozens of weekends begging builders if they can build on your block or build a custom home…only to be bitterly disappointed.

You can visit the site anytime – you can inspect the site, the quality of construction and progress any time you want. Even bring an independent building inspector if you want!

Solid guidance and direction…if you’ve built 9 times before or never, you’ll be educated, guided and directed throughout the whole process so you never feel lost.

Weekly communication…I totally get that communicating with you is top priority – it’s what separates me from the building herd and takes the hassle out of building.

Flexibility to make changes – because you’re not restricted to a set of pre-designed plans, you can make changes as and when you want throughout the entire process…without being hammered with “variation fees”.

Meet you at home or workplace – I’m happy to come to your home if you run a hectic family, are chained to your work desk or just unable to get out for whatever reason.

Your Dream Home Is Closer Than You Think

Here’s How to Get Started

Pick up your phone and…

CALL 0403 570250 NOW!

When I (or one of my team) answers, say you’d like to “Start the process of a custom home and want to meet ASAP!“.

I’ll check the diary and see what times are free and then slot in a time that suits you. If you’re busy during the week, I can meet you on the weekend too…or after work…or before work…you just let me know.

So take action now…before the kids distract you – call me to arrange a time and let’s get your dream happening today…pick up the phone and call 0403 570250.

Sincerely ,

Signature of Leanne Irvine, Director of Custom Home Designs

Leanne Irvine

Owner / Director

Call me now to get the ball rolling…

PPS – Yes, you can build on any block, you can build anywhere in Victoria, New South Wales, you deal with only one person throughout the whole process, where that person is a home designer – not a salesperson, and you have flexibility to make changes even during the build itself. So pick up the phone, give me a call right now to arrange a time to meet on your land and let’s make your dream a reality!

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