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  • Sustainable and self-contained green building
  • Using recycled materials (most of it you can obtain for free, without cost)
  • Internal and external food gardens (botanical cells and water systems)
  • Internal greenhouses for heating and cooling the home, breathe better, feel better
  • Do it yourself, or as a community
  • Be creative!
  • Thermally sensible homes with acoustic properties
  • Beautiful, affordable!
  • Off-grid self-reliance
  • Does not impact our mother earth but uses the natural resources of sun, rain and water (water used 4 times….ideal for those harsh areas where rain is not as frequent…. Water never leaves the home!)
  • Can start with anything….old shipping containers, abandoned buildings, stables, or vehicles, cans, bottles, rubbish in general, mulch, tyres, the earth…the list goes on
  • Simple survival shelters!

More information to follow in my Blog.
In the mean-time, log into and join