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Now let’s consider new home construction

Home Building Alternatives / HEMP construction – ‘Why isn’t everyone doing this?’ (If you have not heard of it, just google it….and no, it is not marijuana!!)
Hemp provides housing options using natural materials from the growing ecological market.   Industrial hemp has been around for centuries and has many cost effective thermal, strength, fire resistant and acoustic benefits for building.  And more so, it is healthy to breathe, and healthy for our planet.

  • “Hemp could end our dependency on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels, such as natural gas, oil and coal are non-renewable resources since they are by-products of eons of natural decomposition of the Earth’s ancient biomass” – Hemp Industries Association, 2006

Mullumbimby House/image from Gallery-AHMC
One company in Australia I believe is the leader in Hemp farming, production and training
Australian Hemp Masonry Company
As you can see by the image above, Hemp housing looks like other contemporary homes, but with a number of benefits that far outweigh anything else in the Australian market in my opinion.

  • “Hemp lime construction offers the opportunity to achieve high levels of operational energy efficiency and avoid energy costs as well as creating a building fabric that has a low embodied energy because it is primarily based on an agricultural commodity and does not require kiln baking to cure, instead drawing in carbon from atmosphere and locking that into the structure”. – Australian Hemp Masonry Company

Did you know hemp can make ANY textile we currently use, and it’ll be at least 10 x stronger, 10 x more energy efficient, and completely renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable? We could be saving our planet AND economy!! And it is NOT a drug, like most think… Hemp is just one option, there are many other bio-materials and recycle options of course…
Why don’t you contact me to discuss your next home project and perhaps in the mean time, you might consider looking at how you can contribute to your existing home….. (no, not just the ‘house’ you live in, the planet you leave your mark on!)
Thank you.
Leanne Irvine/Owner/Custom Home Designs Pty Ltd