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Let’s look at your back garden and lifestyle

Permaculture… (It sounds difficult, but it is not)
Permaculture sees human civilisation for what it is – a mere strand in the web of life.  By recognising this, we can co-exist more harmoniously with nature, fostering a more stable global eco-system.  Philosophers Bill Mollison and David Holmgren articulated permaculture in the 1970’s.  They succinctly encapsulated the concepts of a permanent diverse and flourishing human culture and food web. Permaculture is built on design principals that are inspired by observing ecological systems and emulating them.  These principals and a wide range of practical applications are relevant to all types of horticultural pursuits, from balcony gardening to the quarter-acre block and from small farms to large commercial enterprises.  Permaculture is an ingenious way of life whose time has come.  It is now practised in 120 countries. – Jenny Allen/Smart Permaculture Design
“Plan for the future…….that is where you are going to spend the rest of your life”. – Mark Twain

“So, what is the difference between my current garden and a permaculture design garden?”

Traditional Garden

  • Maintenance issues/short and long term
  • Exposed to weather conditions which can cause problems
  • Minimal or no wild life & interesting native plant species
  • Provides minimal diversity & functions
  • Uses too much water or tends to flood in areas
  • Needs pesticides and poisons
  • Money pit
  • Provides no food or water options

Permaculture Garden (symbolic to nature)

  • Little or no maintenance
  • Cools in summer, warms in winter
  • Diverse in native plants and animals
  • Provides many needs & options
  • Strategies to save water & redirect potential flood areas
  • Natural pest management strategies using plants & herbs etc
  • Minimal money required
  • Short & long term food gardens & water storage

So, what can I do?

If you don’t have time to do a course in Permaculture, or money to hire a professional, I suggest you start by downloading some simple 2-3 minute information videos…….among other permaculture experts, Geoff Lawton has developed a range of short videos to explain how to manage everything from a small block in the Sydney suburbs, to a 10,000 acre farm in outback Australia…… It is a great start!!
Thank you.
Leanne Irvine/Owner/Custom Home Designs Pty Ltd