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Custom Home Designs Referral Program

Custom Home Designs is a complete residential building company that simplifies the whole building process by providing fanatical customer service, one person contact throughout and fully custom designed homes.
With Custom Home Designs, Client’s are able to concept, design, cost, project manage and build a gorgeous home and actually enjoy the whole experience!
As a referrer, you’ll love our automated notification system where you’re informed of how the client is progressing, whether the sale went through, share in part commission for design AND build stages, receive automatic notification to invoice us for commission as well as education on how to attract more clients to earn more commission.

Payment Structure

New home design only$500.00 + GST
New home build only$1,000.00 + GST
New home design and build$1,500.00 + GST

Join Now!

If you’d like to refer people to us, please send an email to with your name, email, location, industry and contact number and we’ll be in touch.
Thank you!