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Points of Difference
If you’re comparing us to other builders – then wait – there’s a few things you need to know…


1. You can build on any block.
When we say “any” block, we really mean any block.
Whether you’re on the side of a cliff, above a mineshaft, the block’s in the shape of ‘W” or just downright awkward, you can build on it with us.
map2. You can build anywhere in Victoria and New South Wales

Because we’re not a franchised operation, licensed operation or controlled by a national head office, we are very flexible in meeting your needs.Wherever you are in Victoria, New South Wales.
3. You only deal with one person from start to finish.

Have you ever tried building with a project home builder? Notice how you get passed from one person to the next? You start with the salesperson, then customer support person, then that person leaves the company so you have another customer support person, then you get passed to the building supervisor, suddenly the building supervisor gets reallocated to another area, then a new building supervisor’s allocated…do you get the idea?You only ever have to deal with one person for all your questions, concerns and issues.
4. You deal with home designers, not salespeople.
Our salespeople know what they’re talking about because we only hire home designers, not professional salespeople.
Have you ever visited a display home and thought that the salesperson didn’t know what they were talking about? Chances are they were practicing on you…as you parted with $100,000’s of dollars along the way.
Our salespeople aren’t professional order takers – they’re serious and passionate about building a beautiful home for you. We guarantee it.
5. You can make changes.
Yes, you read that right. We’re actually happy to make changes for you – even during construction.
This is an evolution in the building industry. Project home builders especially don’t like making changes before construction, let alone during construction.
We’re happy to make minor changes (without charge) to the floor plan during construction (conditions apply).

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